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Art-Strings - Quartet vs Trio vs Duo

Art-Strings Ensembles - String Quartet, String Trio, Piano Trio, String Duo or Piano Duo - what is the best fit for my event?

This is not a simple question, but we will try to answer it here ...

String Quartet.

Without any doubt, a String Quartet is the best option among the small and up to the medium string ensembles.

Art-Strings Quartet repertoire covers a wide variety of styles - from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" & "Canon in D" by Pachelbel through The Beatles, Michael Jackson & Bee Gees to the latest pop music hits that you can hear on the radio & TV today!

PROS: Great, (almost unlimited!) repertoire, very balanced yet powerful enough sound, and attractive elegant appearance.

The CLASSIC option for any event without compromise.

CONS: It's a four piece group, so it's not the cheapest option, but usually - "you get what you pay for"


String Trio.

We can call this ensemble combination as a "Low Budget String Quartet" option.

Although a string trio will be able to play almost everything from a String Quartet repertoire list, there will be certain limitations in repertoire choices and some compromise in sound.

Piano Trio - Great choice if you like Jazz Standards, Oldies, Broadway Show-Stoppers, Love Songs, Romantic Love Ballads etc.

The repertoire has some limitastions though, but you will get that typical "cocktail hour/reception music " flavor.

PROS: You can save some money, if the budget is tight.

CONS: Limitations in repertoire, sound is not as rich/full vs. a string quartet.


String Duo -violin/cello or

Piano Duo - violin/piano or digital piano (yes, we do have it available, free of charge) is a good choice for the smaller scale events  - like a proposal, birthday party, anniversary dinner or any other more intimate events with just a few guests attending (although we have played proposals for the audience of just two peoples as a full string quartet in the past!)

PROS: You pay just a half price, comparing to hiring a string quartet.

If your budget is a real concern - this is the way to go.

CONS: Repertoire and sound limitations, in most cases will need sound amplification, in general - "low budget" feel-appearance, aspecially in case of bigger crowd.


As you could see above, there are quite a few different options available - and it may become very confusing sometimes.

The best approach is to discuss your event's details directly with us - we will be happy to assist you choosing the right ensemble for your special day,

and to make it unique & memorable event!

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