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  • Alexander Abayev & Stan Orlovsky

Covid-19 - dark times for the performing arts...

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

During these unprecedented times, we have all made sacrifices in many facets of life. And you, the music lover, among other things had to sacrifice the joy of listening to live music as concert venues are shut down indefinitely.

You have been visiting concert halls for years, enjoying the fury of Beethoven, the elegance of Mozart and romanticism of Tchaikovsky and Brahms. As a patron of Jazz or Broadway, you embraced the real-time improvisations of great jazz musicians and the passion of Broadway tunes that define New York City in so many ways.

As our great metropolis and the surrounding areas are suspended in time during one of the most dire health emergencies of our time, we at Art-Strings feel obligated to provide a live music experience for you at your home or small venue.

As the most versatile chamber group in the United States, we can bring any musical genre to you live, where you can enjoy our performance in the intimacy of your home or small gathering in a venue of your choice.

Together with you, we can craft a program that will turn your residence or small venue into Carnegie Hall, The Metropolitan Opera, The Blue Note, Broadway theater, and with the holiday season at hand, even Radio City Music Hall!

Let us get through these difficult times together, with the power of live music.

Call or e-mail us now, and let the music come to you!

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