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Hiring Wedding Musicians - wedding music budget and more...

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

The wedding industry has become very competitive in the last few years. When you, the client, is involved in the process of selecting everything from your officiant to the musicians, the task can be daunting and time-consuming. You are faced with a plethora of choices and often times you are pulled in all directions simultaneously attempting to organize your complicated event. We at Art-Strings Ensembles believe that the most important thing to consider when choosing a vendor is not the price, but the quality that the vendor can offer. As experts in the music field, we would like to address the selection process of a musical ensemble for your event/wedding.

Certainly every client has a budget that they must adhere to, but this is most likely a ONCE IN A LIFETIME event, and unlike the many cars you buy or movies you see in your lifetime, the memories of your event will live with you forever, and unfortunately, the quirks will as well. We understand that nothing is perfect, but you will certainly expect it to be - because like all of us, we hope for the best. The petal may fall from a flower, an officiant might stutter or the weather might be cloudy. But when the music is out of tune or played in an uninspiring fashion, it will be noticed by you, your entire wedding party and all of your guests. It is the only “in the moment” process that will either make or break one of your most cherished moments. The primitive renditions of arrangements you thought will sound good will remain forever embedded in the audio track of your wedding, and will serve as an irritant rather than the musical elegance that was to supplement one of the most important events for your life.

There are many musical groups out there offering their services at rock bottom prices. But as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for” certainly rings true in the music business. With ever-progressing technology of the internet, the process of creating a website, posting some photos and slapping a few recordings together has never been simpler. Many college kids, or musicians who just want to earn some money on the side will offer their services with no experience, bad musicianship, fake recordings and yes, at rock bottom prices. You're probably saying to yourself, “but I won't be able to afford paying the extra thousands of dollars for a legitimate, and vetted group!” And here is the good news: It will usually not cost you more than a few hundred dollars more to have musical excellence delivered to your event, and leave you with memories you can cherish. This is something that we consider to be very important to address, because ultimately, we feel that a wedding deserves the same high standard of music as the concert hall, opera house or professional recital.

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