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Wedding Ceremony Music - Live vs Pre-Recorded

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Why live music is better than prerecorded.

Live Wedding at Wall Street in NYC, NY

In the interest of saving money, there has been a trend by large entertainment groups such as ballet companies, circuses and Broadway shows to eliminate live music and substitute it with prerecorded musical tracks.

Yes, some of the groups travel extensively and it would be a huge expense to take an orchestra with them if this is what is required, and many of the performances are predictable where no musical adjustment is needed. And even if something unexpected does occur on stage, there are expensive software programs in existence where tempo and dynamics can be manipulated by a single person sitting in front of a computer console. But most of the time, you will notice that for those performances where music truly matters such as Broadway classics and opera performances, a prerecorded soundtrack is not even up for consideration.

When discussing events that our clients are proposing to have, the overarching theme for us at Art-Strings is that most likely, this will be one of the most important events in their lives, particularly when there is a wedding involved. And while having prerecorded music is certainly an option, the results will be bland and even pose potential mishaps.

There is nothing that can substitute for live sound, even in the most of challenging acoustical environments such as performing outdoors.

Also, the musicians can adjust to the number of variables that can occur during a ceremony such as being able to switch to another selection at a moment's notice due to a sudden change in the ceremony, adjust to an unexpected lengthening or shortening of the processional, and fade out the music with an acceptable musical cadence when the processional or recessional concludes.

Musicians are very attuned to the particular mood of the guests as well and can add musical selections they feel will fit with the overall ambiance of the ceremony at a particular moment. You want the music to adjust to you, and not the other way around which will most likely be the case with a prerecorded soundtrack.

Yes, you will spend a bit more money on live music, but is not worth it for a once-in-a-lifetime event? Just as the fragrant scent of real flowers and the deliciousness of the real food, the soothing sound of real live music will make your event an unforgettable one!

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